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Program Overview

Welcome to The Challenge powered by SHOUT Live, Inc. (“SHOUT”). The Challenge is a revolutionary, interactive experience where you play and compete on your mobile device during live events against other Real Madrid fans. Challenge players attempt to win cash, prizes and deep discounts by answering questions quickly and correctly. You watch, you play, you win. Challenge questions are sent pre-match, at the half, and after key match events (goals, bookings, etc.), so you don’t miss a second of the live action. During a Gameplay, any and all decisions made by SHOUTcasters or members of the SHOUT team are final in regards to (but not limited to) scoring, questions, and awarding of prizes and are not open for debate or negotiation. Be sure to read the privacy statement as well.


Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are in no way affiliated with or a sponsor of The Challenge.


All players are eligible to participate in The Challenge as long as they are not consider a minor by their country’s jurisdiction. In order to participate in The Challenge, you must download the Apple or Android Realmadrid App and signup with a valid email address and password or a valid Facebook login. An individual person may only have one Challenge account regardless of the number of email addresses an individual may own. In order to claim a prize The Challenge may require additional personal information including, but not limited to full name, complete mailing address, date of birth, phone number and gender. Additionally, The Challenge may require phone number validation, which will entail linking one valid phone number to a single Challenge account. A unique phone number may only be linked once to one Challenge account, and a Challenge account may only have one number attached to it. If we have reasonable belief that multiple Challenge accounts are registered to the same individual, or being played by the same person, we may suspend or terminate any duplicate Challenge accounts, and also suspend or terminate your participation in The Challenge. In addition, only one individual person may be registered to a single Challenge account and only they are authorized to play a Challenge event signed into that account. Employees, and their immediate family members, of SHOUT, XSFN, Real Madrid Club de Futbol and any affiliates or subsidiaries are eligible to participate in The Challenge, but cannot receive any prize(s). Employees of The Challenge sponsors and their advertising agencies, and members of their immediate family are eligible to participate. The term “immediate family” includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren, whether as “in-laws,” or by current or past marriage(s), remarriage(s), adoption, co-habitation or other family extension, and any other persons residing at the same household whether or not related. Additionally, any former employee of SHOUT is ineligible for a period of 12 months from their date of last employment. These terms and conditions shall be exclusively governed by the Laws of Spain.


in The Challenge To enroll in The Challenge, please download and install the Realmadrid App for mobile devices in either the Apple or Android app store. After doing so, you can register for The Challenge by providing a valid email address, choosing a unique user name and password, and providing other information we need in order to open your Challenge account. By enrolling in The Challenge, you agree that you will keep your user name and password secure and confidential and keep your Challenge account information updated and accurate and that you will notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your Challenge account. We will deem any activity occurring through your Challenge account to be your actions, and you agree that we may rely upon such actions.

Winner Selection & Contact Method

Winners will be determined at the end of each Challenge event. The participants who have accumulated the most points during said event for answering questions correctly and in the shortest amount of time will be selected as the winners and will be contacted via email. SHOUT reserves the right to change or alter, at any time, the guidelines by which winners will be chosen for given events. All prizes will be mailed via ground mail to the winners within 30 days or provided through virtual fulfillment where capable. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the participant whose correct answer was received and time stamped first. For any disputes, time recorded by SHOUT servers will be the only time identifier considered. SHOUT will make best efforts to determine who won a given question, however SHOUT cannot control factors that could lead to variability in when a participant’s question is received by SHOUT servers and does not accept liability for latencies in delivery.

Decisions and Disputes

SHOUT reserves the right to disqualify any participant or winner and may refuse to award any prize to a person who is ineligible or has violated any rule, gained unfair advantage in participating in the challenge, or obtained winner status using fraudulent means. Furthermore any attempt to obtain winner status through illegal or fraudulent means could be in violation of international, federal, state and/or local laws, and the perpetrator could be subject to state and federal prosecution. Further, SHOUT will resolve any disputes; conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules and SHOUT’s decisions concerning such disputes shall be final. All decisions will be made by SHOUT and are final. SHOUT may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion. SHOUT reserves the right to disqualify any winner if any challenge rules are violated in any way. Persons wishing to dispute any claims made within this document will be bear sole responsibility for any and all legal fees associated with said dispute. SHOUT assumes all responsibility for any claims made against SHOUT, XSFN, and/or Real Madrid Club de Futbol with regard to The Challenge.


Prizes will include cash, merchandise, and coupons from SHOUT. In no manner does Real Madrid Club de Futbol or any associated sponsors assume any responsibility for prizes or prize distribution. A prize list will be posted routinely inside The Challenge and on SHOUT’s official webpage at SHOUT reserves the right to increase the prizes available for The Challenge at any time based on sponsor participation, number of SHOUTers playing, and the magnitude of the event. Available prizes will be announced prior to the commencement of each Challenge event.

Offensive, Inappropriate or Illegal Content

The content in question includes but is not limited to any posts submitted by the Participant, the username of the Participant or any other content created by the Participant. SHOUT reserves the right to remove or modify any content created by any Participant for any reason including but not limited to SHOUT deeming at its sole discretion that the content is offensive, inappropriate or if SHOUT deems at its sole discretion that the content’s trademark or copyright may be in question. Participant assigns all copyright of content the Participant creates to SHOUT and asserts that the Participant is the sole creator and owner of the content and indemnifies SHOUT for any copyright or trademark infringement of the content.

Liability Release

By participating in The Challenge, each participant and winner waives any and all claims of liability against SHOUT, XSFN, Real Madrid Club de Futbol, their employees and agents, for any personal injury or loss which may occur from the conduct of, or participation in, The Challenge, or from the use of any prize.


Any valuation of the prize(s) stated above is based on available information provided to SHOUT, and the value of any prize awarded to a winner may be reported for tax purposes as required by law. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes. Prizes are not transferrable or redeemable for cash.


No purchase necessary to participate or win. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning depend upon the number of participants and the prizes available. SHOUT may substitute prizes of equivalent value, amend the rules or discontinue The Challenge at any time. SHOUT disclaims any responsibility to notify participants of any aspect related to the conduct of this Challenge.


By participating, all participants and winner(s) grant SHOUT exclusive permission to use their names, location, characters, photographs, voices, and likenesses in connection with promotion of this and other Challenges or contests, and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Customer service

If you have a problem or question regarding your SHOUT account, Terms and conditions, or anything related to The Challenge gameplay, please contact Customer Service at or Questions regarding prizes and awards should be directed to or All questions or disputes regarding The Challenge, including eligibility, obtaining points, PowerUps, or redemption of rewards, will be resolved by SHOUT in its sole discretion.

Changes to the Program

SHOUT may modify, restrict or change The Challenge and/or these General Terms and Conditions at any time, which changes may include, but are not limited to, changing the terms of eligibility and enrollment, the number of points obtained for a particular action, the prizes that are awarded for a particular event or action. We will endeavor to notify you of material changes to The Challenge and Challenge Terms and, unless you choose to terminate your Challenge participation, you will be bound by the revised Challenge Terms. Notification of material changes may be done through the email address you have provided to us, updates through the Mobile App pushed to your mobile device, posting such changes on the Challenge website, or by any other appropriate method, as we may determine. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate The Challenge at any time, in our sole discretion, without liability or compensation to you.

Compliance with Law

Although SHOUT has made every effort to promote compliance with applicable legislation, SHOUT can make no representation that the game or the information is appropriate for use in jurisdictions other than the United States of America and Spain. If you choose to enter the application or play the game or use the information, it is your sole responsibility to verify that your participation is in compliance with applicable local laws and regulations. The game is not a sweepstake, lottery or game of chance of any kind, but rather is a challenge of skill and knowledge. These General Terms & Conditions apply to the legal relationship between you and SHOUT as a participant in the Game.

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