SHOUTing 101

  • Step 1 - SIGNUP:Enter an Email/password or login via Facebook
  • Step 2 - CHANGE 'USERNAME':Go into Setting tab, select username field, and input a NEW desired username
  • Step 3 - CHOOSE EVENT:Add the events you want to play by pressing the (+) icon in the Events screen
  • Step 4 - RECEIVE QUESTIONS:You will begin receiving questions for the events that you have selected when those events start
  • Step 5 - VOTE ON QUESTIONS:Open and vote on questions across the SHOUTed LIVE event
  • Step 6 - START WINNING:Begin earning points, competing on Leaderboards and winning prizes as you tune into your favorite sports and entertainment events!!


Using PowerUPs

PowerUPs allow players to use 'booster' features across questions and the 1 on 1 Champions Challenge play mode. SHOUTers are able to access these PowerUPs features on the Question/Answer or Question List screens.

All players will be loaded up with these new PowerUPs via the Free Pass. Players can purchase a Day, Week or Month Pass at any time to get more PowerUPs at the start of each event for the period of the pass.

Want an extra 30 seconds to answer?
Extra Time

Introduction of SHOUT Creds!

Players can use SHOUT Creds (virtual credits) to activate specific PowerUPs during events. Players can earn Creds by:

  • Answering the 1st question as a SHOUT Player
  • Winning 1 on 1 matchups
  • Answering all questions in a SHOUT event
  • Placing in the TOP 50 of an event

Like the Passes, SHOUT Creds can be purchased in small, medium, or large buckets at anytime!


If you have NOT already, make sure to update your iPhone/iPad and Android devices by clicking the links below.

Upgrade iPad/iPhone device

Upgrade Android device

For any additional help regarding the NEW features email us at